Android Permissions

You can always review your Barhop Social permissions by looking them up in your settings.

Here’s how to view your permissions:

  1. Go to your Android Settings Application
  2. Scroll to the bottom section to view all your downloaded applications.
  3. Click Barhop Social
  4. View what permissions we currently have access to and toggle on and off as needed at any point.

Read phone status and identity

Autofill your phone number when you register for Barhop Social, for your convenience.

Receive text messages (SMS)

Autofill the SMS code that Barhop Social sends you during phone number verification, for your convenience.

Take pictures and videos

Use your camera to add friends by pointing your camera at their Barhopcode, and more.

Record audio

Use your microphone to record audio.

Precise location (GPS and network-based)

Use your location for features like Fire Sales, Notifications, and for other services that improve your experience.

Read your contacts

We may collect and use information from your device’s address book so you can invite friends and so we can improve the app.

Read your own contact card

Autofill your full name when you edit it in Barhop Social settings, for your convenience.

Storage Permissions

Barhop Social uses your device’s storage to save settings and cache content you send and receive.

Read the contents of your USB storage

Barhop Social automatically loads app settings that you’ve previously saved.

Find accounts on the device

Receive notifications when friends contact you on Barhop Social, when other Barhoppers add you, and for other important events.

Network Permissions

Full network access

Send and receive videos, chats, and other data.

Receive data from the internet

Receive Chats and other content from other Barhoppers.

View Network Connections

23Branches optimizes chat and notification delivery based on the strength of your internet connection.

View Wi-Fi Connections

Barhop Social optimizes 23Branches quality based on the strength of your Wi-Fi connection.

Battery Permissions

Control flashlight

Use your flash to take better photos in the dark.

Control vibration

Allows you to enable vibration for Barhop Social notifications.

Prevent phone from sleeping

Your screen won’t automatically turn off while you’re using Barhop Social.

Change your audio settings

On some devices, Barhop Social adjusts audio settings to let you send videos.


Allow Barhop Social to access your clipboard so you can attach links quickly.