Barhop Social FAQ


Does this track me 24/7?

Your location is only visible to your friends when you are in or within close proximity to a bar.

Why should I download this app, I don't use my phone at bars?

Barhop Social gives you an inside look at at all the bars in the area and the opportunity to view weekly and temporary drink specials. Additionally, if you lose your friends, you will be able to find them.

Will people be able to stalk me?

Do not add people to your Barhop account you do not know. By enabling “Private Mode” you can turn off your location to only share with your favorite contacts and for an extra layer of privacy, we do offer “Ghost Mode” to turn off your location to all users at any given time. You will also be able to toggle your visibility for every user you have added, making who can see your location fully customizable. 

Someone I don't like works at a bar, will they be able to see my location on the bar side of the app?

No. bar owners and management will only ever have access to user analytics, not user data. Bars will be able to see “X number of people are in the area / establishment” and never “Jane Doe is / was in the establishment”.

Does this app promote underage drinking?

Barhop Social does not promote underage drinking. Due to some establishments offering access to patrons 18+, we feel that it is important for our users to know where their friends are at all times. You should never be alone when around alcohol.

Bar Owners / Employees:

We do our own social media / marketing, do I need this?

Though using social media apps like Twitter and Instagram are great, users typically are not on these forms of social media when they are out with their friends. Our app allows you to push notifications directly to users in your area that are already out and spending money.

What does the premium version offer the free version does not?

Premium accounts will have access to user analytics such as total number of users in their bar, users that walked by – but didn’t enter, and total amount of users in the area (potential customers). You will also be allowed to send custom push notifications to users within a 1 mile radius of your establishment allowing you to promote “fire sales” and promote.

My bar is busy and successful, why would I need the app?

Even popular bars have down time. Establishments typically aren’t busy right when they open, yet you will be paying workers to be there and electricity to power the building. Young adults are down to go out during the day if their friends are out – this app is a way to get them out and through your door. With a quick push notification, you can increase your revenue and your staff will increase their tips all with the push of a button.