HopCode Usage Guidelines

HopCodes make it easy for Barhoppers to add you as a friend and find you when you’re out for the night! You can publicize your HopCode on the web, social media, and print.

Make sure to follow the HopCode Guidelines so your HopCode looks good and always scans correctly! 

HopCode Tips for Success

Follow these tips so your HopCodes look and work great!

  • Test your HopCode before posting it.
  • Add language around your HopCode to tell other Barhoppers to scan and share it.
  • You can place your HopCode on product packaging. Don’t forget to test your HopCode on the packaging before going into mass production.
  • The frame, dots, and outline must provide a darker contrast to the lighter code layer color.
  • Don’t print your HopCode on glossy material. The reflections make the HopCode hard to scan.

Important Snapcode Guidelines 

Check out these rules so your HopCode always follows the guidelines!

  • Do not remove the HopCode’s frame.
  • Do not break or impede the frame.
  • Do not skew or stretch the HopCode..
  • Do not invert the colors of the HopCode.
  • Do not use or distribute the HopCodes of others.
  • Do not modify your HopCode, unless you’re adding or text around the code.
  • Do not sell HopCode merchandise, like stickers, apparel, etc. without express permission from the 23Branches team.