iOS Permissions

You can always review your Barhop Social permissions by looking them up in your settings!

Here’s how to view your permissions:

  1. Go to your iPhone Settings Application
  2. Scroll to the bottom section to view all your downloaded applications.
  3. Click Barhop Social
  4. View what permissions we currently have access to and toggle on and off as needed at any point.


Use your location for features like Friend Finding, Feed, and Fire Sale Notifications, as well as for other services that improve your experience.

Please Note: If you are using iOS 14 or later, after you’ve granted location permission to Barhop Social, you will have an additional option to toggle off ‘precise’ location in your device settings. This means 23Branches will still receive your location data, but it will be less granular, and 23Branches will continue to use your less granular location data in the ways explained in our Privacy Policy and the Location section of the Privacy by Product Page. Please note that some features may not be available if you toggle off the ‘precise’ location setting, like Friend Finding and Fire Sale Notifications. Additionally, if you turn ‘precise’ location back on, 23Branches will continue to use your ‘precise’ location data in the ways described in our Privacy Policy, including to help figure out what you’d like to see.


Use your camera to add friends by BarhopCode, and more.


Use your microphone to record audio.


Receive notifications when friends contact you on Barhop Social, when other Barhoppers add you, when nearby venues send you specials and discounts, and for other important events.


Save Photos and Moments to your device’s Camera Roll, send photos, videos, and more.


We may collect and use information from your device’s address book so you can invite friends, and so we can improve the app.


Allow Barhop Social to access your clipboard so you can attach links quickly with the Paperclip tool.