Welcome to Barhop!

BarHop Social is a social media app that assists users with finding their friends while out at the bars and a marketing / advertising app for bar and restaurant management. With Barhop, your location will only be displayed while you are at a bar. While you are out, near by bars and restaurants will have the ability to send push notifications for “fire sales” directly to your phone! Gone are the days of searching for specials and losing your friends!!



  • Find your friends when they are in a bar or up to 10 minutes after leaving a bar (while barhopping)
  • View weekly and hourly specials near you
  • Post Shouts to coordinate with friends in your area
  • Add friends on the fly with your QR code
  • Receive “fire sales” directly to your phone
  • Call an Uber or Lyft from the app
  • Send Moments to your current venue to potentially be featured on their page! [Coming Soon!]
  • Close your tab out through the app [Coming Soon!]

Bar Management

  • ¬†View User Analytics
    • How many users are in your bar
    • How many users are currently out in the area
    • User trends over time to optimize advertising
  • Send push notifications to users in the area
  • Post weekly specials
  • View Moments send by users and post to stories (Coming Soon!)